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Ben Finkel & Biz Stone
Photo by Paige Green, joke by Brian Kadar. Download .jpg

Jelly Industries is a company co-founded by Biz Stone (Google, Twitter, Medium) and Ben Finkel (Fluther, Twitter) who serve as CEO and CTO respectively. Jelly is focused on creating technology that brings out the potential of our increasingly connected world. We think there’s room for a new kind of search engine powered by the fundamental helpfulness in all of us.

These values shape our small but passionate and dedicated team. Our offices are tucked into the same campus where the magic of Star Wars is created—we sublease from Lucas Film in San Francisco’s historic Presidio. Our hours are reasonable, our debates are lively, and our communication is honest. We are hiring for a few more key people if you’d like to join us.

Jelly is fortunate to have support from several great leaders and thinkers from Silicon Valley and beyond. Bijan Sabet, Josh Elman, Jack Dorsey, Bono, Reid Hoffman, Steven Johnson, Evan Williams, Jason Goldman, Al Gore, Greg Yaitanes, Roya Mahboob, Loren Brichter, and Greg Pass are all engaged investors and trusted advisors who believe in our shoot for the moon ideals.